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Call the House + tag three friends

Extremists in the House are about to vote on a devastating bill that directly attacks Planned Parenthood. Ready to fight back?

1: Call your representative’s office

  • Call 1-855-980-2303 for your representative’s office.

  • Say this: Hi, my name is __________ and I live in ___________. I'm calling to ask the representative to vote NO on the health care bill that attacks Planned Parenthood and do everything possible to stop it from passing.

  • OPTIONAL: Tell them a personal story about why YOU stand with PP.

If your rep’s voicemail box is full, here’s what to do.

2: Ask three friends to join you. Click below to open up a social media post.

  • Share this: PP3 Challenge: Tag three friends to defend Planned Parenthood
    The attack on Planned Parenthood is happening NOW in the House. Call your representative and get three friends to do it too. 

  • Tweet This: #IStandWithPP so I took the PP3 Challenge: Call your representative & get 3 friends to call too. http://istandwithpp.org/call/house

IMPORTANT: Make sure you actually tag three specific friends in your post!

You can also copy this text into a text message, another messaging or social media app, or an email:

Hey, the anti-Planned Parenthood bill is up for a vote in the House really soon. I’m challenging you to call your rep right now and tell 3 more friends to call too. Go to www.ppaction.org/C2CPP3 for instructions. Pass it on!

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