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How to Write a Letter to Your Senator

Tell your senators why you need them to protect your health and rights and reject Brett Kavanaugh's nomination.

Handwritten, stamped, and mailed letters are a powerful and effective way to communicate with our lawmakers. Join us to help ensure that the experiences of people in every state are taken into account. We’ve made it easy!

Who: YOU!

What You’ll Need: Paper, pen, stamps, envelopes, and the sample letter below!

When: Starting NOW! We need to make sure our senators hear that we oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Where: Wherever you want! The convenience of your couch.

How: Make it personal

Kavanaugh’s lifetime confirmation to the highest court of the land means different things to different people — but we know he would harm our health, rights, and basic freedoms.

He would dismantle abortion rights and turn the balance of the courts against the 130 million people with pre-existing conditions who are protected under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Tips for writing a letter:

  • Make it simple: stick to one main point, and your personal story or message.

  • Ideally, your letter should be no more than one page long.

  • Be sure to address and mail the letter to your senator. If you need to confirm your senator’s name and address, you can look them up here. District office mail is more likely to be read.

  • The more personal you make your letter, the better. If you have a personal story that speaks to the message your senator needs to hear, include it.

  • Send multiple letters to multiple offices for the same senator. For example, if you send Sen. Joe Manchin a letter to his D.C. and Charleston offices, that means his staff is twice as likely to read it.

Sample letter

Hi, my name is (FULL NAME) and I live in (CITY, STATE).

[Pre-existing conditions] I’m writing to urge you to protect the health care of all Americans by opposing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh would tilt the balance of the court and risk access to health care for the 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions.

[Roe v. Wade, abortion access] I’m writing to urge you to protect the health care of all Americans by opposing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. I’m one of more than 70 percent of Americans who believe that Roe v. Wade should be upheld and that our ability to access safe, legal abortion should be protected in the United States.


That’s why I’m counting on you to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, which would put access to health, rights, and freedoms gravely at risk. Brett Kavanaugh has a dangerous track record of using the law to push extreme views that would tip the balance of the Supreme Court against our ability to access health care.

I’m counting on you to stand up for our health care and vote to reject Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Thank you for your time.



Want to go one step further? Host a letter-writing party!

Hosting a letter writing party is easier than it sounds. Writing a letter only takes a few minutes, and if you provide the materials needed to write it, including a sample and some talking points, it’s even easier!

Start with who you want to invite — this can be people we know, like our friends, family, and neighbors, or people from our community at large, like students on campus or folks stopping by their local coffee shop.

If we’re going to target people we know, we can host the event at someone's home or another private space. If we’re going to target fellow community members that we might not know, we’ll want to go where the people are — like a happy hour at the local watering hole, a high-traffic area on a college campus, or even posting up at the library. If you’re doing this in a public place, you’ll want to get permission from the establishment to host your event there.

Gather materials. Everything needed above is the same, you just need more! Handwritten letters carry more weight than typed letters. You might want to get clipboards or something else to write on if nothing is available. The cost of postage to mail a letter is $0.49. You might consider asking for $0.50 donations during your letter writing party to cover the costs!

Take pictures, tweet them at your senators using #DearSenators, and tap one person to drop the letters in the mail. Be sure to follow @DearSenators on Instagram for more.