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How Would the Gag Rule Affect Access to Health Care in My State?

Governors from a growing number of states are rejecting the unethical gag rule — with some announcing that they will be forced to altogether forfeit the administration’s Title X funding in order to protect the health and rights of their constituents.

So far, 15 governors have spoken out against the gag rule, and the governors of Hawaii, New York, Oregon, and Washington announced they’d have no choice but to refuse to participate in the Title X program should the gag rule go into effect.

We know the harm a gag rule could cause because a similar policy is already hurting women and families in Texas. In 2012, Texas lawmakers banned care at Planned Parenthood for people who use Medicaid. The state’s own numbers show that two years after barring care at Planned Parenthood, at least 30,000 fewer people received birth control, cancer screenings, and other health care services through the state’s program. Newer estimates put that number at 44,000 fewer women served. Yet another study shows that Texans who wanted to plan or prevent pregnancy were unable to do so because of policies that blocked them from going to Planned Parenthood.

See how many people in your state rely on Title X.

Many people who access health care thanks to Title X funding don’t even know Title X exists.