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Hundreds of Planned Parenthood patients and providers from across the country went to Capitol Hill on March 1 to share their personal stories and show that attacks on care at Planned Parenthood puts lives at risk, and they won’t stand for it.

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Patients and providers recorded, in their own words, why Planned Parenthood matters to them.

Lori's Story

Lori's Story: I credit Planned Parenthood with preserving my ability to bear children

I credit Planned Parenthood with preserving my ability to bear children.  

While still a young teacher, I called Planned Parenthood after experiencing severe pains in my low abdomen and was given an appointment the same day.  A large cyst and multiple benign tumors were detected in my ovaries.  Planned Parenthood connected me with a gynecologist who removed them in time to save a healthy portion of one of my ovaries.  

It was enough, because years later, that same doctor delivered both my daughter and my son.  I am forever grateful to Planned Parenthood for their quick action during my health emergency.”

Ash’s Story: Without Planned Parenthood I Wouldn't Be Here Today

"I was diagnosed with PCOS Endometriosis at the age of 11. I was given a 5% chance of ever becoming pregnant in my lifetime. My husband and I found myself pregnant, and I was told basically I wouldn't survive over the child if I went even half term.

So, we reached out to Planned Parenthood because we didn't have insurance, and they took care of everything. They saved my life."

Patients and Providers Say Why They Stand with Planned Parenthood 

On March 1, hundreds of Planned Parenthood patients and providers from across the country traveled to Washington, DC and shared their personal stories with their members of Congress. Their Hill meetings highlighted the devastating consequences that “defunding” Planned Parenthood would create for their communities.

Tayanna’s Message to Politicians: Having your body legislated against is a very powerless feeling

"The message I would give to my politicians is, I understand that some people don't understand what it feels like to have your body legislated, but it is a very powerless feeling, and I don't think that's what our country truly represents.

So my message to them would be, before you make policies to be political, why don't you think about the actual people who it's going to impact.

And also ever woman is different and every woman's body is different and you cannot give us blanket legislation thinking we're all going to experience the world the same way."

Christy's Story

Without a resource like Planned Parenthood, I probably wouldn’t be alive. I wouldn’t have known about my cancer until it was too late. They caught it early.

When people talk about Planned Parenthood, they seem to only mention abortion.  I was not there to get an abortion.  I have never been pregnant.  I was a patient because that is what I could afford for such things as birth control, and yearly health checkups.  I can’t imagine what will happen to the state of women’s health in this country if the defunded goes through.  How many will we unnecessarily lose because people can’t see the big picture?

Courtney's Story

“I remember my first time in [Planned Parenthood], the practitioner asked me about my partners — phrasing it in a way that was not presumptive of heteronormativity. It allowed me to be open, and that practitioner became the first person I came out to as queer. It was an accepting environment where I was comfortable to get the care I need.”

Jen: The Day I Told My Members of Congress Why I Stand With Planned Parenthood

"I’m really overwhelmed that there’s so many people out there who need access to this kind of health care. Just to be able to come up here and share that with people is an amazing experience. To stand alongside these senators who will fight for us, who will fight for us to have health care, who will fight for us just to be healthy — it’s really empowering to know that we’re not alone and that we have people standing with us, on our side, standing with Planned Parenthood.

This fight isn’t over. We’re going to stick with it, and we’re going to fight to make sure that it’s a human right to have health care that’s accessible and affordable for everybody. "

Faith Leaders’ Message to Anti-Abortion Politicians: “Stop Playing Politics with Women’s Bodies!”

"We give thanks for the compassionate health care that they provide. It is our belief that Planned Parenthood does sacred work.

And we know that this is what it means to love our neighbors: to provide them with health care. For the millions of patients who depend on their clinics for access to reproductive health care, family planning, and sexuality education, Planned Parenthood helps create healthier communities that are more just and more equitable."

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A Grateful Mom: thanks Planned Parenthood for her son

After finding herself unexpectedly pregnant, Adeline was conflicted when she turned to Planned Parenthood for a safe and legal abortion.

There, she found compassionate care and was given the time and space to think about her pregnancy options. She ended up continuing the pregnancy—resulting in the birth of her beloved son. "I'm so glad that I went to Planned Parenthood that day."

A Veteran Clinician: Proud American and Planned Parenthood nurse

Sally served her country in Iraq for 7 years. Now she's a staff clinician for Planned Parenthood, where beside her dedicated colleagues, she works to provide high-quality health care to women, men, and young people. "That camaraderie between brothers and sisters in the military seems very familiar in a Planned Parenthood setting." 

What "Defunding" Planned Parenthood Really Means

Extreme politicians, led by Vice President Mike Pence and Health and Human Services Secretary designee Tom Price, want to shut down Planned Parenthood. One of their key tactics is to push legislation misleadingly named “defunding” Planned Parenthood — a cruel ploy that would punish women and hit people with low incomes, people living in rural communities, and people of color the hardest.

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